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May 2019 Minutes

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May 6, 2019




Call to Order

Trustee Rausch, as Chairman called the regular meeting of the Allen Township Trustees to order on May 6, 2019, at 7:00 p.m.


Pledge of Allegiance

Trustee Rausch began the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Roll Call:          Jack Rausch                            Township Trustee Chairman

Don McCreary                        Township Trustee

Ron Chapman                        Township Trustee

Lori LaCella                           Township Fiscal Officer

Steve Brose                            Fire Chief

Nick Johnson                          Road Superintendent

Bill Streng                              Zoning

Ken Reiff                                Zoning

Letta Jones                             Resident

Art Jones                                Resident

Grace Zahn                             Resident

Adam Zahn                             Resident



The Fiscal Officer read the minutes of April 1, 2019, said minutes were approved as read.


The Fiscal Officer provided each member of the Board with a list of recent receipts and pending expenditures for review.  There was a motion by Trustee Chapman and a second by Trustee McCreary, and upon certification by the Fiscal Officer that appropriate funds were available, the pending expenditures were approved. The Fiscal Officer also provided the most recent payroll reports for the Board’s review. The board reviewed the previous month’s bank reconciliation and verified the sequence of the checks.



Resident Grace Zahn attended the meeting with her dad, Adam Zahn and made the request to have a community road clean up on Buck Run, Saturday, May 11th.  The sheriff offered to add extra troopers for safety and maintenance will supply gloves and trash bags.







Residents, LeEtta Jones & Art Jones requested information on the zoning regulations for yard sales.  There was a complaint that their yard sales were more of a flea market than a yard sale.  The zoning book states one yard sale every 90 days.  There was further discussion on the regulation and Mr. Streng will confirm what is in the book.



Randy Marker, of Thomas & Marker, owns property on NW Pkwy. currently zoned B3 and wishes to build 25 12,000 sq. ft. warehouses, and working to establish if this can be done. No new updates.


Mr. Streng met with gentlemen with tentative plans to purchase two parcels of land at the SW corner of Stokes Rd and SR 287 to build a strip mall and hotel.  He was told to meet with the Union County Health Department, ODOT, and Union County Building Department before requesting a zoning change. Trustee Rausch received a letter from Eric Phillips.


Sent a letter to Linda Maier regarding two unlicensed vehicles at 18600 Allen Center Rd., a gray Ford Car and a Gray and Black Ford Truck. Nothing has moved.


Mr. Streng noted several unlicensed vehicles at the NE corner of Bear Swamp and Allen Center Rd. Letters have produced no results.


Mr. Streng received a complaint about debris and trash piles at N. Darby Coe Rd, but no trash was at the location when drove by.


Lori and Allison will be setting up a meeting to discuss cost increases for various hearings and permits.



No updates.



Road Superintendent, Nick Johnson noted from the roof damage the repair will begin as soon as the weather permits.


The EGR valve closed on the dump truck is at Spain’s with an estimate of $2500, there was a motion by Trustee Chapman and a second by Trustee Rausch to approve the repair.


Road Superintendent, Nick Johnson said the playground is in need of mulch with an estimate of $2800 for 100 yards, there was a motion by Trustee Chapman and a second by Trustee Rausch for approval. Nick is speaking with Katrina a Home Depot in regards to volunteers.


Road Superintendent, Nick Johnson noted he is running two mowers with a rental for $300 for 2 weeks.


The back hoe has an oil leak and Southern equipment is checking to see if it is still under warranty, Nick will provide an update when he receives this information.


Road Superintendent noted that spring clean-up had 10 dumpsters.






Chief, Steve Brose spoke with Kelly from PUCO requesting office space.  After discussion, it was decided the township could not offer any space.


Chief, Steve Brose state R601 had rust hole in the pump.  Quote for the pump was $11,300 and after speaking to mechanics, welding is not an option, the best repair is to drill, tap and plug.  It has been plugged.


Chief, Steve Brose sold laptops on for $280.00.


Chief, Steve Brose noted a member will be off on medical leave until May 24th, 2019.


Chief, Steve Brose noted crews completed monthly safety training.


See the attached report for additional detail.




There being no further business, Trustee Chapman moved to adjourn the meeting, Trustee McCreary offered a second.  Upon a roll call vote, all were in favor, the meeting was adjourned.



Jack Rausch (Chairman)



Don McCreary



Ron Chapman


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