William "Bill" Streng Phone (937) 642-7724


All inquiries should be directed to the zoning inspector.  Permits are issued by appointment.  Please give yourself time to contact the Inspector for an appointment for a permit.  All online documents are for informational purposes only.  Please contact the inspector for official information.

  • Deals with the day to day interpretation of the zoning resolution
  • Required to be thoroughly familiar with the zoning resolution
  • Assist township residents in solving their zoning problems
  • Must make decisions fairly and consistently
  • Shall enforce the zoning resolution
  • Review all applications for zoning certificates within the township to ensure they conform to all applicable provisions of the zoning resolution
  • Issue zoning certificates and maintain a record of the certificates issued
  • Attend board of zoning appeals and zoning commission meeting
  • Conduct site inspections to ensure the actual construction conforms to the issued zoning certificate
  • Take action necessary to correct discovered zoning violations
  • Investigate alleged violations of the zoning resolution
  • Review all plats to determine if the plat conforms to all applicable provisions of the zoning resolution
  • Provide zoning information upon request