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September 2020 Minutes

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September 1, 2020




Call to Order

Trustee McCreary, as Chairman called the regular meeting of the Allen Township Trustees to order on September 1, 2020, at 7:00 p.m.


Pledge of Allegiance

Trustee McCreary began the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Roll Call:          Don McCreary                        Township Trustee Chairman

Jack Rausch                            Township Trustee

Lori LaCella                           Township Fiscal Officer

Steve Brose                            Fire Chief




The Fiscal Officer read the minutes of August 3, 2020 the said minutes were approved as read.


The Fiscal Officer provided each member of the Board with a list of recent receipts and pending expenditures for review.  There was a motion by Trustee Rausch and a second by Trustee McCreary, and upon certification by the Fiscal Officer that appropriate funds were available, the pending expenditures were approved. The Fiscal Officer also provided the most recent payroll reports for the Board’s review. The board reviewed the previous month’s bank reconciliation and verified the sequence of the checks.


Trustee Kingham shared the Richwood Bank website services prices. The Trustees and Fiscal Officer will be meeting with Richwood Bank to review the plans and options.


Discussed voicemail from Zane Township Trustee, Steve Lithgo requesting 4% each year for Zane Contract with Allen Township with no further increase. There will be further discussion with Zane Township.


Election Day will be held on November 3, 2020. The Board of Elections will be taking all necessary anti-viral and social distancing precautions which include wearing of masks, ensuring all voters practice social distancing, distancing voting machines from one another and disinfecting the machines regularly.


Resolution 2020.12

Accepting the amounts and rates as determined by the Budget Commission, authorizing the necessary levies, and certifying them to the County Auditor.  There was a motion by Trustee McCreary to accept Schedule a summary, seconded by Trustee Rausch; all were in favor, resolution passed.


Resolution 2020.13 – Cares Act

Resolution affirming that the township will spend funding only on pandemic-related expenses as required under the CARES Act; and accepting resolution to request CARES Act funding to be distributed by the County Auditor and by adopting this resolution affirm that the revenue will only be used for the purposes prescribed in the CARES Act, section 5001 of the ‘Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act,’ as described in 42 U.S.C. 601(d), and any applicable regulations, for necessary expenditures incurred




due to the public health emergency connected with the COVID-19 pandemic, provided those expenses are incurred between March 1 and December 20, 2020, and are not accounted for in the current budget and certify such to the State Director of Office of Budget and Management and the County Auditor, and be it further. Any funds remaining unencumbered as of October 15, 2020 are required to be returned to the County Treasury. There was motion by Trustee Rausch to accept the CARES ACT Resolution, seconded by Trustee Kingham, all were in favor, resolution passed.






Mr. Streng was not in attendance.



Not in attendance.



Road Superintendent, Nick Johnson was not in attendance.



Chief, Steve Brose requested septic test with Union County Health Department to be performed September 3, 2020.

Chief Steve Brose stated R601 is having exhaust repaired by Pro-Rite for $600.00

Chief Steve Brose noted is in service.

Chief Steve Brose would like to hire one full time employee to replace a retiree.

Chief Steve Brose discussed the CARES Act and the townships participation in the Relief fund assistance Program. Currently total of $26,449 with requests.


See the attached report for additional detail.




Received a notice from Beth Marshall that the September quarterly meeting is cancelled due to COVID-19.

Received a request to access the cabin for a group of children, none of the facilities are open at the township due to COVID-19.

Received a concern of internet issues within the township. The township has no authority to fix internet issues and advices residence to call their provider with issues.

Received a request for a bike path in Allen Township, asking if we could, do some research on adding the path.

A residence requested assistance for transportation to dialysis in the winter, if his driveway could be plowed. The fire department and trustees cannot provide transportation services, and advice residents with these type of needs to call Union County Neighbor to Neighbor.













There being no further business, Trustee Rausch moved to adjourn the meeting, Trustee McCreary offered a second.  Upon a roll call vote, all were in favor, the meeting was adjourned.

Roll call vote: Trustee McCreary, yea. Trustee Rausch, yea. Trustee Kingham, yea.





Don McCreary (Chairman)



Jack Rausch



Ricky Kingham


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