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October 2020 Meeting Minutes

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October 5, 2020 Minutes

Call to Order

Trustee McCreary, as Chairman called the regular meeting of the Allen Township Trustees to order on October 5, 2020, at 7:00 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance

Trustee McCreary began the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call:          Don McCreary                        Township Trustee Chairman

Jack Rausch                            Township Trustee

Rick Kingham                        Township Trustee

Lori LaCella                           Township Fiscal Officer

Steve Brose                            Fire Chief

Nick Johnson                          Road

Deputy Smith                         Union County Sheriff

Tracy Richardson                  Ohio House of Representative



Resolution to realign the permanent appropriation resolution by adding the fund 2272 for Corona Virus Relief.

Trustee Rausch moved to amend the certificate of appropriation with estimated appropriations of $125,168.43 to the county auditor for new funds for expenses and estimate revenue due to CARES Act for COVID-19 was approved, Trustee Don McCreary seconded the approval.

The CARES Act fund is to cover necessary expenditures incurred due to the public health emergency to the Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19). The allocated funds must meet three criteria established in the  CARES Act. The items were not accounted for in the budget most recently approved as of March 27, 2020. The expenses must be incurred between March 1, 2020, and ends on December 30, 2020. The purpose of the fund is to allow government agencies to protect the public, own employees, and safety personnel.


The Fiscal Officer read the minutes of September 1, the said minutes were approved as read.

The Fiscal Officer provided each member of the Board with a list of recent receipts and pending expenditures for review.  There was a motion by Trustee Rausch and a second by Trustee McCreary, and upon certification by the Fiscal Officer that appropriate funds were available, the pending expenditures were approved. The Fiscal Officer also provided the most recent payroll reports for the Board’s review. The board reviewed the previous month’s bank reconciliation and verified the sequence of the checks.

The following request of expenditures was requested and have been approved from the Cares Act Funds related to COVID-19.

The township discussed the expenses for disinfection of public areas in response to the COVID-19 public health emergency. The cost of having the township building professionally cleaned before opening to the public per government guidelines. Cleaning of township building by Rite-Way Steam $300 for initial cleaning and $150 monthly estimate a total of $1650.00. Trustee Jack Rausch moved to approve $1650 to provide COVID-19 cleaning, Trustee Rick seconded the approval.

Presented from Richwood Bank a quote to update the webpage for $1000. Trustee Jack Rausch moved to approve the cost of $1000, Trustee Don McCreary seconded the approval. There was a motion by Trustee Rausch and a second by Trustee Kingham to accept the costs related to the CARES Act for effective communication of township business to the public for health and safety.

Chief Steve Brose requested the CARES Act Lucas 3 device used to perform mechanical CPR, since adjusting manpower response during COVID-19 pandemic useful while staffed with two on EMS units. The cost is $15,610.79.

Requesting half-mask respirators used to protect responders from COVID-19 during EMS calls with a cost for 35 reusable masks is $836.31 being used for the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The filters for 100 P100 reusable masks $486.91.This is being used for the current COVID-19 pandemic.

There was a motion by Trustee Rausch and a second by Trustee Kingham to accept the costs related to the CARES Act.


Tracy Richardson, Ohio House of Representative attended to answer any questions and discuss the needs of the township during COVID-19.


Mr. Streng was not in attendance. The zoning report was reviewed that was sent in via email.

Mr. Streng received a call from the Union County Chamber of Commerce relative to allowing Ramsey’s Pizza to install a tent on their patio to allow them to serve customers outside in colder weather.  The question was sent to Fire Chief, Steve Brose to review.

Mr. Streng received an email from Randy Marker in regards to 21803 Northwest Parkway, site of old Complete Auto Care leased to a tenant who wants to activate an existing driveway into the facility that had been closed; his question was deferred to Union County Engineers Office.

Mr. Streng met with members of the zoning board to discuss concerns with resolution ATZR. Also discussed the definition of an irregular lot and it was determined and agreed by all that we will use the requirements set forth within the definition of lot types, line number 5 which states that “An irregular lot is a lot not meeting the requirement so of the OSDR.  The definition of ATZR does not understand and the zoning board will work to clarify.

See the attached report for details.


Deputy Smith attended and stated no report.


Road Superintendent, Nick Johnson completed driveway length on Board Rd. with access.

Road Superintendent, Nick Johnson replaced the refrigerator in the shop for $700.00

Road Superintendent, Nick Johnson noted the water heater broke in the Allen Township building and replaced for approximately $360 in Township Building.

The third mowing has been completed.

Road Superintendent discussed the drywall repairs and the painting in the community hall and discussed updating the lighting to LED.

Road Superintendent, Nick Johnson requested $4000 to install a pipe for driveway access for future expansion. Trustee Jack Rausch moved to approve $4000 installing a pipe in driveway access, Trustee Rick seconded the approval.


Chief, Steve Brose noted new exhaust on R601, 3 of the 4 doors had to be taken apart to repair latches and window tracks.  The township will begin the process of looking for a replacement because of the age of the vehicle.

EMS revenue has been down due to reduced calls. Calls are starting to increase to a normal amount.

Chief, Steve Brose would like to purchase 5-50’ sections of 2.5-inch fire hose for $860 to replace the amount of hose needed on a truck while the hose that is being used is drying which takes five days.  Trustee Jack Rausch moved to approve the cost of $860, Trustee Rick Kingham seconded the approval.

Chief Steve Brose stated has hired one full-time employee.

See the report for additional detail.


The board of health will be holding a public hearing on proposed changes for fee structures at the October 21, 2020 meeting.

Free tire collection on October 17, 2020, for all Union County Residents at the Richwood Fairgrounds from noon – 3 pm.


Trustee McCreary made the motion to move into an executive session for personal matters and contracts and was seconded by Trustee Rausch. Upon a roll call vote, all in favor, Trustee McCreary called the executive session to order.

Trustee McCreary moved that the executive session be adjourned, seconded by Trustee Rausch and upon a roll call vote, all being in favor of motion carried.

Trustee McCreary called the regular meeting back to order.

After returning to the regular session, the motion was made by Trustee McCreary to continue with the existing contract with Zane Township that will be prepared for November 2020 seconded by Trustee Rausch. Upon call of the roll, all being in favor,

There being no further business, Trustee Rausch moved to adjourn the meeting, Trustee McCreary offered a second.  Upon a roll call vote, all were in favor, the meeting was adjourned.

Roll call vote: Trustee McCreary, yea. Trustee Rausch, yea. Trustee Kingham, yea.


Don McCreary (Chairman)


Jack Rausch


Ricky Kingham