August 31, 1992

1 Full time Chief

9 Full time firefighters

October 1, 1992

Began Full Time coverage of Allen Township and Zane Township.

The original equipment that began service were:

1992 Med Tech Ambulance

1974 Dodge Grass fighter

Sutphen Engine on loan

Dodge 1200 Gallon Tanker

And a Chiefs car donated by the Sheriffs office.

The station consisted of a one-room schoolhouse for offices and living quarters and a four-door apparatus bay.

January 1993

The fire department received a used 1972 Sutphen Engine to use as a rescue and back up engine.

Also in January, we received a 1992 Pierce Pumper, which was ordered prior to going on line in October 1992.


Members of the fire department converted an old 5000 Gallon Air Force fuel tanker into a 3300 Gallon water tanker.


A special operations trailer was added to our inventory to respond to incidents requiring specialized equipment. These included confined space and trench rescue and Hazardous materials incidents.

In 1995 two new bays were added to the station to facilitate the new equipment that was purchased over the past 3 years.

1995 and 1996

The Allen Township Firefighters Association built a training tower behind the fire station. The project was completed through donations by various local businesses, grants from SRI, and volunteer efforts by the firefighters.


An AEV Medium Duty Ambulance was placed into service in addition to the aging Med Tech that was moved to a second out status.


The Sutphen Engine / Rescue became unsafe and had to be replaced. It was replaced with a 99 Custom Rescue / Engine and roughly 80% of the cost of the vehicle and equipment was covered by donations.


In the spring of 2000 the 1976 Dodge grass fighter was replaced with a new 3/4 ton Chevy grass fighter at no cost to the township. The replacement was made because it was overrun by fire and was no longer safe to operate.

During the summer of 2000 the final phase of building expansion was completed.
This was a new living quarters area built in order to expand the offices, training facilities, and to improve living conditions.