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December 2019 Minutes

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December 2, 2019



Call to Order

Trustee Rausch, as Chairman called the regular meeting of the Allen Township Trustees to order on December 2, 2019, at 7:00 p.m.


Pledge of Allegiance

Trustee Rausch began the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Roll Call:          Jack Rausch                            Township Trustee Chairman

Don McCreary                        Township Trustee

Ron Chapman                        Township Trustee

Lori LaCella                           Township Fiscal Officer

Steve Brose                            Fire Chief

Deputy Kent                           Union County Sheriff

JR Rausch                               County Commissioner Candidate



The Fiscal Officer read the minutes of November 4, 2019, said minutes were approved as read.


The Fiscal Officer provided each member of the Board with a list of recent receipts and pending expenditures for review.  There was a motion by Trustee Chapman and a second by Trustee McCreary, and upon certification by the Fiscal Officer that appropriate funds were available, the pending expenditures were approved. The Fiscal Officer also provided the most recent payroll reports for the Board’s review. The board reviewed the previous month’s bank reconciliation and verified the sequence of the checks.


Trustee Chapman moved to accept the 2020 mileage rate of 57.5 cents and Trustee McCreary offered a second. All were in favor and approved.


Trustee Rausch presented a motion to increase hourly rates by 1.6% for all hourly Township employees.  Trustee Chapman seconded, all were in favor.


2020 Meeting Schedule

The trustees set the following schedule for meetings and events for 2020:

Trustee Meetings:

January 6, February 3, March 2, April 6, May 4, June 1, July 13, August 3, September 1(Tuesday), October 5, November 2, December 7.


Community Day – Possibly September 26, but checking schedules.

Trunk or Treat – October 28

Dumpster Day – May 2










Resolution 2019.7

The Fiscal Officer presented the temporary appropriation Resolution 2019.7 to fund the township until a permanent appropriation is created, March 2020.  After review and discussion, Trustee Rausch moved to adopt the temporary appropriation, Trustee Chapman seconded, upon a roll call, all were in favor, resolution passed. See the attached resolution.


Resolution 2019.8

See attached Otarma Bonds Faithful Performance Coverage



JR Rausch attended the meeting to announce his running for County commissioner.



Mr. Streng distributed a letter dated October 3, 2019, received from an attorney in regards to Michael and Joyce George, 23000 St. Rt. 245 for a nuisance and zoning complaint. Mr. Streng addressed this with Thayne Gray. At the suggestion of Thayne Gray, he contacted the neighbor regarding traffic flow and whether they felt a flea market was being run from the property.  The neighbor feels the traffic is from the horse boarding business operated at their farm.  A letter was sent to Mr. George to inform them of the complaint. Mr. Streng received a letter from the Jones to advise us that they were not having a flea market and did not feel their property condition was an issue. The matter has been referred to Thayne Gray for his advice.


Green signs have filed a variance to change signage at the Honda Credit Union at SR 739.  The appeal was heard and approved.


Drew See, who owns 81 acres on Bear Swamp Road is in the process of dividing his property into smaller units and will be submitting his form for BZA hearing soon.


See the attached report for additional detail.



Deputy Kent attended and has had no issues within the Township. The trustees had no concerns for the Sheriff.



Road Superintendent, Nick Johnson was not in attendance.

Road Superintendent left the estimate from Rosetti windows for review.



Chief, Steve Brose reported the rear bay door was replaced and new entry locks placed on the two man doors.


Chief, Steve Brose reported there is damage to the front of the bays and awaiting an installer to look and provide an estimate for repair.


Chief, Steve Brose reported the truck is nearly complete with the lights being installed as soon as they come in.




Chief, Steve Brose reported EMS received an inspection from the Ohio Board of Pharmacy and we passed with a few suggestions for changes with medication storage.


Chief, Steve Brose met with an individual with a marketing background to review the Facebook page with recommendations.


See the attached report for additional detail.










Jack Rausch (Chairman)



Don McCreary



Ron Chapman


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